copper tubes machining

copper, steel, and wieland k65 alloy

In this field, we perform internally complex machining operations starting from 5 m bars of raw copper tubes, having an outer diameter ranging from 5 to 86mm and a thickness from 0.75 to 3mm, in order to obtain straight connecting pipes with enlarged diameter, according to the customer’s drawing, with finishing at very high precision. Our specialization is beneficial to the Customer in terms of quality and cost reduction, due to the use of easier and more efficient techniques of welding and brazing.

Following the new regulations concerning the reduction of CO2 emissions, we have specialized in machining K65 bars (alloy of copper and steel), produced by the company Wieland, with whom we have an established supply relationship.

We can also work on steel seamless tubes to obtain connecting pipes at the dimensions set  by the UNI Tubes Unified Tables.

We have an annual production of approximately 600.000 pieces. The production cycle is performed by means of automatic and semiautomatic machines, which guarantee high productivity at a high level of consistent quality, in compliance with the critical dimensions (with centesimal tolerances) defined with the Customer.

The manufacturing of mechanical components is made through the following phases:

  1. Cutting of bars into pieces through the automatic cutting center.
  2. Deburring of the two heads through automatic machines.
  3. Drawing (automation only in presence of consistent volumes).
  4. Calibration.
  5. Smoothing.
  6. Washing (through a washing centre).